19 September 2019

COVID-19 travel info

COVID-19 in West Africa

As everywhere in the world, West Africa is also coping with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Since we are based in Ghana, and our operations take place from here, Alecotour takes its decisions based on the situation here.

The first known corona cases hit Ghana in mid-March. The government of Ghana immediately imposed a lock-down and a closure of borders. The lock-down was lifted in May and replaced by strict precautionary measures such as the compulsory wearing of face masks, restrictions on gatherings, etc.

Commercial flights (with mandatory testing) commenced in September, but land borders remain closed.

On 18 October, Ghana announced zero active cases which indicates that the situation is very much under control. The total positive cases from March till October passed 40k. Fortunately, the mortality rate in West Africa has been minimal: less than 1%. For a daily insight: Not as many cases have been detected in Togo and Benin but this might be due to the lack of testing on a large scale.

The situation for travelers in general

The international air borders of Ghana, Togo, and Benin are open for international travelers. The Kotoka International Airport in Accra opened on the 1st of September with mandatory testing 72 hours before traveling in the country of departure and a quick PCR test (150 USD) upon arrival at the airport in Accra.

Similar requirements have been implemented by the governments in Togo and Benin. In Benin, the mandatory test upon arrival involves 72 hours waiting time to obtain test results and retrieve passports. A second test is required 14-days after arrival and included in the one-time fee of CFA 50.000/90 USD. Togo also requires a mandatory test (PCR/serology) taken 5 days before traveling and a mandatory test upon arrival. Depending on the country of departure, a 1-2 days quarantine is required. Obviously, a mandatory- or self-quarantine is required if test results are positive.

The situation remains fluid, and special requirements of the airlines also need to be considered. Please contact us for information and advice based on your individual travel plans.

Unfortunately, the land borders between Ghana, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso still remain closed.


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