19 September 2019

Ghana : The basics

A visa is required to enter Ghana, and you must have a passport valid for another 6 months after the scheduled return date.

The current currency is cedi (GHS).

You will arrive at Kotoka airport, which is 6 km from the capital Accra. There is no direct flight from France, you will necessarily have to make a stopover, whether in Abidjan, Lisbon or Frankfurt.

For your travel in the country, you will have the choice, but no solution will be really fast: on the other hand, it will be inexpensive. Buses are recommended for long distances, they are numerous and fast, and moreover very economical. For shorter journeys, the minibus (or trotro) can be tempting given its very low price but its lack of comfort and its often dilapidated state do not plead in its favor. Taxis are easily found in cities. You can also rent a car with or without driver.

Budget question, if you choose an average level of service, you will need 20 € for a correct double room, and about 4 € per meal taken in a simple restaurant.

From the point of view of your health, it is advisable to have your universal vaccinations up to date, as well as those against typhoid, hepatitis A and B, and meningococcal meningitis A and C. The certificate of vaccination against fever Yellow is mandatory. Anti-malaria treatment must also be avoided, and strict food hygiene must be observed to prevent cholera: do not drink tap water, eat well-cooked food, take neither ice cubes nor fruit juices. Also avoid: bathing in stagnant water and contact with animals.

For your safety, it is recommended to avoid the northeast of the country where incidents between ethnic groups take place. Do not move the night especially in Accra.

Shopping: you can bring back handicrafts such as leather goods, woven tunics, fabrics.


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