Volta Tours

Volta Tours



  • Unlimited Fun And Adventure.
  • Enjoy The Nature And Beauty Of Africa.
  • Make Memories For Life Time.

The Volta region is a lush, mostly highland area, east of Lake Volta, the largest man-made lake in the world. Ho is the region capital and Ewe is the predominate language of this area. There are coastal areas, rivers, gardens and waterfalls to count among the natural attractions of this area.

  • WLI Waterfall
  • St. Paul Lighthouse
  • Tafi Tome Monkey Sanctuary
  • Mount. Gemi
  • Fort Prinzenstein

Day 1

WLI Waterfall, Tafi Tome Monkey Sanctuary, Mout. Gemi. Night at HO

Day 2

Fort Prinzenstein, St Paul Lighthouse.


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation and tour site fee

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